I think we’ve over complicated the morning routine, and I include myself in that ‘we’

Every day we find ourselves being bombarded with what we ‘should’ be doing; the newest diets, fads, superfoods, not to mention our news feeds being full of elaborate morning rituals (Thanks Mark Wahlberg)

Whilst knowledge is power, too much of it can leave us feeling powerless, like no matter how hard we try it is never enough.

Just this week I got sucked into the whole ‘New Year, New You’ rhetoric. I got out of bed, Tuesday 3rd January, ready to kick start the year with my new and improved routine. 3 ½ hours later I realise this ‘routine’ was not going to be sustainable.
I needed to reassess.

What if we could have a morning routine that didn’t give us another way to judge or criticize ourselves?

There is an often-overlooked power in simplicity and consistency. We are led to believe that the more complicated the ritual the more impact it will have. However, I have found through many years of trial and error, it is often the simple, logical shifts which have a lasting impact on our health and wellbeing.

And so, below are my favourite, simple but mighty, staple rituals to help YOU reconnect with YOU, everyday.

And remember, don’t believe a word I say, try for yourself, see what resonates, and ditch the rest.

Aim to wake up at the same time everyday

Waking up at the same time every day is a powerful way to bring some consistency into an otherwise unpredictable day. This simple hack is a great way to regulate your nervous system and align with the circadian rhythm.

Technically, you need to wake up anyway…so making sure you do it at a relatively consistent time means an easy ‘tick’ on your morning routine to-do list.

Scrape Tongue

You’re brushing your teeth every morning anyway (I hope!) and so stacking the ritual of scraping your tongue onto this is super simple and super supportive for your digestive system.

LEVEL UP: Oil pulling for 5 mins before brushing your teeth also helps supports the gut microbiome and another simple hack to introduce if you have the time.

Drink warm water with a slice of lemon

Not only does the water act to cleanse your digestive tract, but the squeeze of sour lemon helps stimulate the liver to release bile which then helps encourage a morning bowel movement. Make sure this is the first drink of the day.

Natural Morning Sunlight

Getting sunlight in your eyes within 15 mins of waking up is a simple but powerful way to kick start your circadian rhythm. “Key to a good night’s sleep starts the moment you wake up”.

Don’t have any outdoor space? Simply open a window and stick your head outside.

TOP TIP, combine 3&4 by Sipping your warm lemon water whilst looking at the sun for 5-10mins.

That’s it! A few key practises, with a consistency being the secret sauce.

I hope this helps and you have been able to find slowness and spaciousness in these first few days of 2024.

Health and Happiness always
Hayley x

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