Join us as we close our Summer, and prepare to move towards Winter, with a 4 day/5night blend of Ayurveda, Metaphysics, Yoga and Meditation.

To assist in reflecting a season of ‘doing’ and preparing to settle in for some ‘Being’ time.

October 5th until 10th 2022 ……at The Cliff, an idyllic hideaway nestled above the Meditteranean with panaromic views and an array of cozy spaces to explore for some self reflection.

How you’ll
Roam in Ibiza

We are a unique blend of the above teachings, taught in a way that offers clarity for those wishing to explore and create a daily practise to nourish their Mind, Body and Soul…through self enquiry, we allow our awareness to expand, and with that we can shift our thinking, clear unhelpful beliefs and behaviour and step by step move towards more ease in our daily lives. The unique combination of teachings, allows you the chance to find what resonates for you, allows you the chance to ‘hear’ what you need right now in this moment, in your life, and what you could then continue with afterwards, when you step back out into the world.

Our daily morning and evening Yoga classes will cover Vinyasa, Yin and Hatha practise alongside conscious breathing exercises, minfulness and meditation.

You will also have daily classes on Ayurveda Principles and Metaphysical Philosophy, to framework the self inquiry aspects. It is our intention, that you are able to discover some of the benefits of a regular spiritual practise, and discern some useful tools, personal to your needs, that you can take away and use to enhance your existing practise, or to begin anew.


£1,150.00 – sharing triple room
£1,300.00 – sharing double room

£1,600.00 – private double room

For full details on what’s included, terms & conditions, examples of the daily schedule, and how to enquire etc…..

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It promises to be a nourishing, reflective, and magical close to summer…we look forward to having you join us, L&H xx

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