Privacy Policy

About Roam Retreats

Your privacy is important to us. At Roam Retreat, we know that you are placing your trust in us by selecting us as your Retreat & Workshop hosts and Practitioners, and we value your trust. We are committed to protecting any personal data you give to us and will always act in our customers’ and client’s best interest in regards to how we process your personal data.

What kind of personal data does Roam Retreats collect?

At Roam Retreats we are always keen to share knowledge and ideas in advance of, and following your Retreats or Workshops with us. We offer a variety of services and it may mean in order to utilise our services we will ask you for some necessary information, such as – your name, contact details, e-mail id and your payment information for example. You might also decide to submit additional information related to your upcoming bookings such as dietary requirements, for example, however this is not mandatory.

Why does collect and use your personal data?

We ask you for personal details in order to either share content that we have written, highlight new dates and events, and also in order that we can book you onto our retreats and workshops with your consent. This may consist of any of the following;

  • We may use your personal data to contact you about the latest deals, special offers and other products or services we think you might be interested in.
  • To share new information, content and dates of Retreats & Workshops.
  • To maintain our own accounts and records in paper and electronic forms, in relations to bookings for the Retreats, Workshops and any Events (both online and in-person) hosted by Roam Retreats.
  • To inform you of news, events, share teachings and activities and services available from us at Roam Retreats.
  • Our business is ever evolving and as new ideas arrive with us we will share via Mailers, Social media and other forms of communication.

How does Roam Retreats make use of social media?

The use of social media may be integrated into our services in various ways. These will involve us collecting some of your personal data or the social media provider receiving some of your information.

How can you control the personal data you’ve given to us at

You have the right to review and, or request an amendment of the personal data we keep about you at any time. You can request access to or deletion of your personal data by contacting us at