About us……

Roam Retreats is the vision of Hayley & Louise, that combines their learnings on Ayurveda, Metaphysics & Yoga, as a way to share ideas around navigating and enhancing our journey through life.

Each retreat and workshop is a chance to explore your thinking, question unhelpful beliefs and enhance your own connection to your True Self, allowing you to discover, enhance and trust your purpose.

They met in Sri Lanka, and after years spent in corporate ‘land’, with most of that time spent in South Asia, both Hayley & Louise were searching for something like this…..and so after much exploring, learning, inquiry and more exploring and continued learning, they were inspired to create this little ‘haven’ of time for others to relax into and do their own ‘exploration’.

Through increasing our ability and willingness to self inquire, we believe you can start to see ways to “create your own reality”, and we know (from our own very different experiences) that each persons “way” will be totally unique to them. So, we aspire to hold the space, to allow you to confidently begin or continue this exploration whilst offering you a variety of approaches, tools and techniques, that all have the same message at their heart…

That you are a unique and special Being with a unique purpose to discover and embody.

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Our Intention……

Your Journey to self awareness will be unique…..we honour that journey, knowing it is not always a clear or easy path.

Our Intention, simply, is to support a part of that journey, through sharing the various ‘paths’ and wisdoms that we have both found, supported and expanded our own awareness….these philosophies; Ayurveda, Metaphysics & Yoga, bring an ever growing depth of understanding, more ease and self worth, and ultimately, a sense of True Purpose and fulfilment in and of Life. We want to support you as you roam through your own journey, discovering your own way and purpose. Its what we are born to do…….with this knowledge, go thrive, we all deserve to…..L&H