About Louise

….here’s a little bit about me, some of the backstory, but mostly I hope a deeper bit of understanding for you, as to my ‘Why’ for co-creating Roam.

Roam is a ‘Space’ to share my/our learnings and insights, so that people can give themselves the chance to question and hear what they truly want to enjoy, experience in life. A place where people can question their beliefs, gain insights into their experience’s and question what might be holding them in a sense of unfulfillment or ‘stuckness’ as I like to call it! Hayley and myself both agree, we are not ‘teaching’ you a set path, or a rules to follow, we are simply sharing and holding the space, offering possibilities for you to hear, and feel what resonates for you and only you. A chance to open up and explore your Awareness, in turn leading to new realisations, and ideas to explore. All this, because thats how it worked for me….

I wasn’t one for talking about myself too much, not that thats a real issue, it’s just that I found it hard to even know what I was ‘about’! But, I realised along the way that this was because I wasn’t doing, or more importantly I wasn’t ‘Living’ from my authentic self! I was doing what we all probably do, the classic story of following what I thought I was supposed to be doing, doing what society told me was the ‘right’ way, the most successful way eg study hard, be a ‘good’ student, get a great job, get a pension, buy a house, buy ‘stuff’, plan for your future, be IN the system blah, blah……blah!

Along the way, I had glimpses of breaking out from this ‘norm’, like running off to other countries to avoid things, or delaying ‘serious’ decisions such as Uni, kids, marriage, corporate job etc etc, yet I still swung back into that system that society would call “the path to success & achievement”, all the time feeling confined and unfulfilled. Feeling ‘stuck’ is the best way I can describe it….a sense of there being sooooooo much more to life, but not quite able to define or touch it, or understand how to live that way. Some challenging situations arose, which frightened and hurt me, but without a lack of understanding how to handle these feelings or ask for help, they went underground and I was navigating life with a lot of anger and resentment, in fact I was very angry! Which of course, you would never have known if you’d met me, because I was “holding it all together” for the sake of appearances!

Around my mid thirties we, my partner and I moved to India, with my job. What was supposed to be a 2yr contract, that turned into 10yrs, 8yrs spent in Sri Lanka. This was a pivotal moment, even though I still had a long journey to go on, in my exploration of ‘self’ and living my best life. And, despite work being intense, I felt some ‘ease’ this time, in this move abroad, an ability to breath more easily in this place, and to see things, situations through fresh eyes, opening my perspective, feeding me with new ideas…..cliche right? Move to South Asia to solve everything, but I am a firm believer in timing, and synchronicity, things happen when they are supposed to, when you are ready to see them, and I was in that place! Understanding what I do now, I can see that my opening up to something “Other” was likely supported by the location. India, Sri Lanka there’s no denying the wisdom and knowledge thats swirling around us in those countries, but I was also ready to listen to it and hear it.

Our move to Sri Lanka was 7months later, and there I was blessed to have some amazing Yoga teachers, on a one to one basis which gave me immense support and wisdom in my practise, for which I am and continue to be so grateful! Things begin to shift when you begin a Spiritual Practise such as Yoga, in the beginning it cannot be explained, but somehow you know you are letting more ‘Light’ in. This is why I firmly believe it’s a practise for everyone, no matter your physical ability to hold Asana, it is simply in that decision to gift yourself a practise that is for you to be with you, thats it. For you to connect with your True Self is to honour and own your Power, no dogma, just a willingness to cultivate awareness from the place where you stand.

I went on to find Metaphysics initially through the counselling, a wonderful teacher/Practitioner Mei Flynn, had her poster in Prana Lounge, the Yoga studio I visited, and after 5 or 6 moments or just staring mesmerised by this poster I decided to call her. For me, and this is very very personal to me, Yoga still felt like something that I still wasn’t quite worthy of, and I had ‘stuff’ I knew was still holding me back big style. I’d completed my Yoga Teacher Training a year earlier, and my beautiful teacher, Louisa Sear gave much attention to the aspect of Self inquiry, through which many realisations came through. However, I needed something alongside my Yoga to support this clearing, healing. The Metaphysical Counselling approach was exactly what I needed, it was amazing, it blew my mind how the shifts came so quickly, and how guided and supported I felt through the whole process…..in that experience I knew I’d found my ‘thang’, the framework from which I wanted to focus my ‘sharing’ in!

So, a request for a sabbatical was a ‘yes’ at work, then a request for part-time was a ‘yes’ (unheard of in my company!) and I began my Metaphysical Practitioner Training to allow me to become a Counsellor and Facilitate groups. Step by step I began to walk towards my shift in career, or more truthfully, I had found my purpose and was walking towards that. The word ‘career’ just dosen’t really feel like the best way to describe it!

Then, along comes Hayley, back into my life……I realise this story is pretty long already and I barely touched the surface for events that drove me down this path……so for now I’m going to finish here, with all the sharing and writings to be heard in our retreats, socials, and journals, the gaps will be filled, and we don’t always need to explain everything.

Just to say…..every single persons journey is totally unique to them, this is a snippet of my journey, and for those that matter it will resonate. In choosing to create this space I feel its an important point to acknowledge, that what resonates is what you follow, simple. No one can tell you what to do, you will feel it, and in that felt sensation is a message that only you can interpret.

In Roam, Hayley and I are creating a framework of tools, techniques, and ideas that we feel blend beautifully, and in that may be some support for people in finding their freedom, their dream lives, in both a practical and a spiritual way, we need both. I realised along my journey, that Life is supposed to be fun, in lightness we are able to listen to our instinct, our creative ideas. We’re supposed to be creating, pushing our boundaries to grow and thrive, not stay stuck and ‘safe’ in a system thats been created by others for us. I felt ‘stuck’, but once I was willing to open myself up to different ways of thinking and seeing things, then that feeling started to shift and now life is about exploring, staying curious, observing my responses and reactions, learning, listening….my motto is ‘Live with Ease’ and whilst challenges will still arise, I know there’s always a way through, and its “that” that I want to share.

Namaste x