About Louise

Louise is a Holistic Counsellor, Metaphysical Practitioner and Yoga Teacher. The combination of these have allowed her to continually grow her own understanding of Connection, as well as provide a base from which to support others in their search for a different way of being in the world. Louise is fascinated by the idea, that so often we are living by a ‘story’ or mindset, created from past experiences. If we can find a supportive and nourishing way to look at this, we truly can begin to change our lives, create new stories.

Louise’s ‘story’ had always been to “push” through life, work hard, sacrifice time and energy for a slightly distorted idea of ‘success’. This meant leaning away from what felt more aligned with her talents and interests, instead pursuing a career in the corporate world. This came with a ‘cost’, for when we compromise our ‘dreams’ we are compromising our innate purpose. We tend to disconnect from mind and body to ‘numb’ our true feelings and needs, and our wellbeing can be affected.

The power and strength that comes when mind, body and spirit are connected had to be re-learnt. This moment came whilst living in India, and discovering she was soon to be a mum. Through Hypnobirthing and Yoga, Louise began that journey to empower and connect in with herself. That rediscovering of the innate intelligence within the body, both during and after the birth, was a life changing experience and it began to repair and soften an unhealthy, attitude to life in general.

In 2012 Louise moved to Sri Lanka for 8 years, and was able to immerse herself in Yoga, completing her YTT200hrs in Bali under Louisa Sear and her inspiring team. This training contained awakening self-enquiry sessions with Louisa and illuminating philosophy classes under Emil Wendel. Louise was inspired to completely re-evaluate what she was pursuing in life.

She was guided to a process called Metaphysical Counselling, whilst seeking support and found it to be a deep and profound experience. She decided to train in this process (MSEC, UK,) and now works 1 to 1 with clients, as well as in groups, introducing the importance of self awareness for our own wellbeing and sense of connection.

We often hit places in our lives, that challenge us, or perhaps we realise we’ve been living by a set of beliefs that don’t truly serve us, the pressure to conform and succeed wins out, over ease and joy. Louise has found that through a spiritual practise it is possible to transform these old ’stories’, and that it is possible to rediscover our unique skills and talents, if we are willing to.

Louise & Hayley reconnected in Portugal at one of these key ‘moments’ for both of them, and out of that, Roam Retreats was created. It continues to evolve and grow, as do Hayley & Louise, but the vision remains; the idea that everyone deserves to thrive at life.

Louise’s classes are about finding and growing that connection to our True Self. Embodiment is key, allowing ourselves to feel whats there, experiencing the intuition that can be our nourishing guide in life.  Using Meditation, Visualisation and Breathing in all that she does, Louise believes that each of us is necessary in this moment, we are supposed to be shining our lights in the world. If we are willing to allow ourselves to heal with kindness and patience, we can begin to allow those first glimmers to shine through.