About Hayley

Hayley is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner (AAPUK) and Yoga Teacher (YTT 500hrs) with over 15 years’ experience of practising, studying, and teaching these philosophies.

Hayley’s journey into Yoga, Ayurveda and Self Awareness started in her early twenties whilst living in Sri Lanka and continues to this day in Portugal. It’s been a long road filled with many adventures and challenges.

From a young age, Hayley was drawn to the holistic practises of Yoga and Ayurveda, but for a while the mind chose a different direction to the heart. Now the two are aligned and Hayley has committed herself and her life to the worlds of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Putting aside her early love of Yoga, Hayley pursued a corporate career and found great success in the world of business and fashion. However, like most high-powered corporate jobs, it came at a cost to one’s health & well-being. The culmination of high stress, heavy workload, and long hours, led to a series of diagnoses and a loss of connection to her True Self.

Rather than accepting fate, Hayley resolved to reclaim her health and sought out an Ayurvedic doctor. And so began the enlightenment, and thus, her own healing journey. Ayurveda asked her to look at the subtleties of nature to understand her own true nature. Through the complimentary practises of Yoga and Ayurveda, and by tapping into the magic of movement, Hayley managed to realign her mind, body and spirit and returned to a semblance of balance and calm.

Hayley believes in conscious joyful living. The idea that we are walking, talking manifestations of our experiences and the things we absorb and consume. Leaning into what helps us navigate our way towards better self-understanding – by practising Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga, and Ayurveda – can give us the helping hand we need.

Hayley’s yoga classes are playful, honest, and challenging. They will make you stronger and more flexible both on and off the mat. In Hayley’s words “Practicing yoga helps me find my inner child. Frees my body, clears my mind, and opens my heart”.

In 2020 Hayley co-founded Roam Retreats with her good friend Louise. Roam is a holistic based company where people gather to connect to their true selves and to the power of nature. Through Roam Retreats Hayley hopes to spark your curiosity, ignite inspiration and motivation.

A good teacher never ceases to be a student and Hayley continues to learn under the mentorship of The Ayurvedic Clinic UK and advanced yoga teachers such as Meghan Currie, Leslie Kaminoff and Chris Chavez.