Yoga Fundamentals – 6Wks to slow down & feel your way into the posture with guidance
and support

As you may now be aware, we are offering you our 2023 ‘Transformative Wellness’ package, and as part of that offering is our 6 week Yoga Fundamentals course. This is where we go back to basics, we spend a little more time in each posture to allow us to start to notice our body, I give lots of cues, some demo’s, so you begin to find the Asana and gain access to the feelings that arise in the body.

Being in the Asana is where we can explore with the breath, notice our self talk and cultivate that ‘observer’ viewpoint……all very helpful tools in this world of overload & overwhelm with information blasting at all our senses.

The course began as an online guidance during covid, to bring more awareness to people wanting to practise Yoga, so teaching slowly the physical placement of the body, and also to bring in the important, ultimate aspect of a Yoga practise; the ability to connect mind, body & soul through the movement aswell as the stillness. Yoga is a science and there is a magic that happens when we practise, and these 6weeks allows you the chance to slow down and let the magic happen….all that is required of you, is to show up for yourself.

Practicing this alongside the Ayurveda Intro course (see seperate details), will solidify and deepen that learning too. As the sister science to Ayurveda, Yoga will magically support you to build the trust within your own body, to build that connection to Intuition, to your Higher Self……a central part of all Spiritual Practices.

So, join me and begin to empower yourself…..

  • as we move and hold with strength and power
  • as we break down some key Asana’s so they perhaps become a little more accessible
  • as we become mindful of transitions
  • and we build up and support a meditation practise each week, again to support your journey.

All you need is a willingness & curiosity to explore and feel what your body needs.

This course is suitable for beginners and has been designed to support your understanding so you can practise with more ease yourself or build up the confidence to attend other classes….it may also be useful for those with an existing young practise who simply want to deepen their understanding and get into their body a little more.

As we like to ask….if you think you don’t have time, we invite you to ponder on this and ask yourself, are you willing to reclaim your power and choose you? Self love, and allowing ourselves to feel, is the ultimate healer.

With gratitude to you, for taking the time to sign up and read…….even if it was just a sentence that resonated for you and inspired, thats a little magic right there.

Namaste, Louise

Course will take place online for 6 weeks, each Tuesday, dates as follows: January 17th, 24th, 31st February 7th (no class Feb 14th), 21st & 28th @ 7pm-8.15pm

Each week is recorded so the work can be done if the classes cannot be attended live. These will be available up till end March.

Total cost £60 (or can be booked as part of the “Transformative Wellness” package ~ see seperate details on website)
Payments to be made to:
Roam Retreats/ 01222251/ 60-83-71
Use the ref – Yoga F-Jan23

Email me at for more info.