Nourish your soul: Become your own healer through our 12-week Transformational Wellness Program.

Feeling stuck? Feeling overwhelmed? Ready to get serious about making a change?

Reclaim your power through our 12-week Transformational Wellness program. An all-encompassing, mind-body-spirit journey that will positively change the way you feel mentally and physically.

During this 3-month adventure you will be introduced to a holistic perspective to your health and wellbeing through the exploration of Ayurveda, Metaphysics and Yoga. Offering you an insight into each, allowing you to notice what resonates so you can begin to develop an uplifting practice that serves and supports you in life. The benefits you will experience long after the course is over.

For those who want to move past a feeling of ‘being stuck’, be that in your career, health, or relationships we invite you to increase your potential for change and dive deeper into a new level of understanding of the body and mind, and what it means to be “healthy” in all the aspects that resonates for you right now.

Transformational Wellness: A 12-week program to Rebalance, Reconnect, Renew

6-week Introduction to Ayurveda:
The Science of Life

We kick start our 12-week journey by rebalancing the body in our ‘Introduction to Ayurveda: The Science of Life’ program. Join Hayley as we demystify all the (often conflicting) information regarding health, diet and self-care floating around and instead find clarity in this beautifully intricate wisdom in a way that makes sense for modern life.

6-week Fundamentals of Yoga followed by 6-week Full body Vinyasa Flow Yoga Package
(12 classes total)

The initial 6weeks of ‘Fundamentals’ takes us back to basics, taking time to feel into each posture, slowing it right down. Less postures, lots of cues and then time to settle in, quieten down and just notice.
The second block of Vinyasa classes aim to sweetly access every corner of the body there will be less talking, fewer cues and more moves! This faster flow will awaken your sense of inspiration, curiosity, and playfulness on the mat.

Part 3: RENEW
6-week Introduction to Self-Awareness

We’ve begun to explore connection to our body and spirit through food and movement and now we move to balancing our thinking with this Introduction to Self-Awareness.
We are all a culmination of our experiences, and this can leave us with unhelpful and limited ideas, about ourselves. This course introduces you to a new perspective on life, one that offers us the chance to “do the work” and unpick our thinking a little, gives us the chance to choose a different way of responding in our everyday. By being willing to look at our limited thinking we can begin to heal from the inside in out and start to own our power and purpose in life.

This is a loving invitation to begin or continue working through those “layers” and empower yourself to transform.

And if you don’t think you have the time, then I would ask you to pause, perhaps think again and reclaim your power as you start the path to becoming your own healer.

Stay present, stay curious and enjoy the ride of getting to know yourself on a deeper level.

With love, Hayley & Lou x

Course will take place online over 12 weeks, exact dates. Exact class times and dates will be sent upon payment receipt.
Each week is recorded so the work can be done if the classes cannot be attended live.
Total cost £495 (early bird discount of 10% if payment made before 30.11.22)
Payments to be made to: Roam Retreats Ltd / 01222251 / 60-83-71

Total cost £60 (or can be booked as part of the “Transformative Wellness” package ~ see seperate details on website)
Payments to be made to:
Roam Retreats/ 01222251/ 60-83-71
Use the ref – Yoga F-Jan23

Email me at for more info.