Metaphysical Counselling

What is “Metaphysical” Counselling?

I’m often looked at with slight confusion when people hear this title, and, to be honest I would have done the same a few years back! After much deliberation though, I chose to keep the title, because for me it IS a different approach to counselling, to life even, and thats its strength.

So, let me explain…..’Metaphysical’ means to “go beyond the physical”, hence I am approaching your situation/issues not just from a mental & emotional point of view, but importantly also from a spiritual point of view. Mind, Body, Spirit is the important complete connection we often miss, and this approach allows all three to be considered in the process.

The work includes counselling in the traditional sense, so alongside the psychological approach and tools, I use various experiential techniques such as visualisation, mediations, etc along with some practical more down-to-earth tools. BUT – it goes deeper, in that it recognises the energy, the Spirit within us to support the process, to allow the root causes to be gently found and healed at mind, body and spirit level. This makes it an empowering process, because we are engaging all aspects of you and shining a light on what is required for you to heal, emotionally, physically & spiritually. To allow a life in flow, ease and an inner confidence.

So, when we say metaphysical counselling, we are talking about a unique, fluid, powerful approach to therapy, that takes us beyond our ‘thinking’ mind, to allow you to connect with your Inner Wisdom. This gains you increased clarity over what you need, what you need to heal, and recognise what has perhaps been contributing to your pain, your stresses….ultimately you are healing yourself at a deeper level, not just at the mind level, which brings lasting results.

This approach requires you to be willing to “do the work”, we’ll be uncovering deeper layers of beliefs, reactions and thinking, gently, with patience. I’ll be guiding and supporting you so you can find that level of courage to enquire within. All you need, is a willingness to explore so that we can bring about a level of acceptance and peace with what happened, or what is happening, and start to create long lasting shifts in ourselves, and ultimately in our lives.

Why choose the ‘Metaphysical’ approach to Counselling?……

I feel it helps potential clients to hear a little about my “Why”…..’why’ did I choose Metaphysical Counselling for me, and then ‘why’ train in this?

I came to Metaphysical Counselling myself in need of healing old wounds, experiences and situations in my life that had left me hiding a very resentful, angry, frustrated hence unhappy version of me. I felt helpless and unable to shift this growing sense of unease and sadness, despite ‘outwardly’ everything looking like a version of ‘success’…….at this same time, I was considering a new and very different career path, one that also demanded I face the past. The Universe has a way of making us sit up and pay attention, so whilst feeling this ‘squeeze’, I came across, was guided to, a wonderful lady with this very title; Metaphysical Counsellor……I had no idea what that meant, but I was open to noticing synchronicity, and this resonated and so I went with it! I have never looked back, the sessions brought such clarity and ease around the issues, in such a short time, it was incredibly powerful. Hence, I changed my plans, and I began my Metaphysical studies.

It is now my intention that I can bring this same sense of empowerment, ease and clarity to more people who are experiencing various reasons to seek out help through counselling. It is a liberating process, which continues to deepen that clarity and ease long after the sessions are over. And it is this that makes it so special for me, this approach brings about wonderful change both in the moment, and beyond…..its an honour for me to practise and share.

What do my clients say……..

Louise tailored each session individually to what was coming up for me at the time – in a very natural fluid style, and no two sessions felt the same. Empowerment, space, trust, permission and wisdom were a solid continuum throughout. I felt all consumed by my trauma yet through Louise I gained perspective and faith. I left each session feeling a physical response to the healing that was profound. I bought tension, hurt, tears and pressure but left feeling exhilarated with relief and peace of mind.

To say the exercises and sessions are interesting is an understatement – I felt moved and affected in the best of ways.

Booking a clarity call/ session with Louise is the best gift I’ve ever received. I would recommend this to absolutely everyone.


I am frankly amazed at the results. I did come into the process a little sceptical. I had the impression it might be quite lightweight, and for such a gentle process this way of counselling has been the strongest I’ve experienced. It almost felt like it was loosening up my stuck patterns, rather than digging and pulling like other counselling feels it does sometimes.

Louise was extremely intuitive throughout the whole process. I wanted to work on specific issues initially and this naturally went deeper into my childhood through Louise’s questioning and guidance. Louise got to the real root of the problem within our 6 sessions.



A level of willingness and commitment achieves lasting results, shifts and learnings, and so six sessions are recommended initially….however, this is a client driven process, where more or less are required we can discuss further in the Discovery call.

Sessions can be via zoom or face to face depending on location.

Pls use the calendar below to book a discovery call or full 60min session, any queries contact me on

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Let’s talk Metaphysical Counselling – your free 30-minute Discovery Call

This Clarity call is a chance to share what areas in life you are currently struggling with and would like support to navigate through, as well as your chance to ask me any questions regarding the process….so if the above resonates, get in touch and lets see what we can do together to bring your right to some ease in life.