Introduction to Self Awareness: A transformational 6wk journey to finding clarity and feeling more supported in life.

Are you beginning to feel that desire rising up, to start anew, to create some positive changes in life? Yet feel that sense of overwhelm already at the thought of how that even looks? Or, how to get started?

We often have the absolute best intentions of creating a different way of doing something in at least one area of our lives. We begin to explore a few ideas, are then bombarded with so many “should do this/should do that/should try this”, and within no time even attempting to do something ‘good’ for ourselves becomes a challenge in its own right!

Are you beginning to feel a desire to explore your true purpose in life?
A desire to explore different perspectives, new ideas around life and living?
Are you wanting to enquire within, to question your beliefs and ideas, that perhaps you are starting to realise limit you somehow?
Are you feeling that ‘nudge’ that there is perhaps something more to life than what you previously thought?

Well, what if there IS a different way? Perhaps a new framework from which to grow and thrive, and gain some clarity? An approach that builds your connection to YOU, so you can start to create the changes that you desire, with more ease, more flow, more patience, more Joy even? So you can start to KNOW what you need day by day, so you can intuitively explore your thoughts, ideas, without that “should” voice in your ear.

If you have reached this place, and are interested in a more Mind/Body/Spiritual approach to the problems. If you are willing to explore and question your thinking, open up to new perspective’s, and have a growing need to find your purpose. Join me for “An Introduction to Self Awareness” course, where my intention is to offer new perspectives on life, tools & technique’s to support self enquiry. Ultimately, a place for you to move forward in life, feeling supported, nourished, and empowered.

What you’ll gain on this transformational journey is….

  • Practical tools & techniques to start to question your old thinking patterns and beliefs.
  • An increased sense of clarity around what YOU want out of your life.
  • A deeper understanding of relationships around us, and how they can be our greatest teachers.
  • Feeing less “stuck” in situations or repeating experiences.
  • An understanding of how to blend the “Spiritual” into your everyday life.
  • An enhanced understanding of the importance of meditation & self care on this journey.
  • Perhaps a shift in perspective about life, people, situations, a healthier outlook.
  • Enhanced clarity that supports your way through the overwhelm of life, things, work……etc
  • Feeling more open & deserving to discover and own your own unique talents & strengths.

Metaphysics gave me a wonderful nourishing framework from which to deepen my understanding of Mind/Body/Soul connection, with the freedom to utilise the learning in my OWN way, no dogma, no ‘shoulds’, only ‘coulds’! It also provided practical tools & insights to shift my mindset and to heal and clear old unhelpful beliefs, and still to this day, everyday….because it really is a continual journey, yet this course makes the self enquiry we all need, that little bit more easeful……becoming your food for the Soul.

So…..with gratitude I offer this up and appreciate your courage to step up and explore you, and to take this chance to empower yourself to find more freedom & ease in each day…..I look forward to our empowering journey together. Namaste.

Louise x

Does any of this resonate?……..the ability to thrive in LIFE, is what we wish for all our guests/clients hence this course is run at various times throughout the year, both online and in-person depending on your location.

To find out the next dates and costs pls e-mail me at if any queries or questions, I am happy to jump on a call to answer any.
Each week is recorded (when delivered online) and available for a month after the course, so the work can be done if the classes cannot be attended live.